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New BETA Demo.

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Adam, CIA cryptanalyst, leaves Boston and moves to the country with his wife, Emma. His handlers are afraid they won’t be able to keep him safe there, but Adam believes he needs a peaceful place in the woodland, to take a shot at military code and alter the course of the Cold War. As it turns out, this area is quite the opposite of a peaceful place...

In the attic Adam finds the hidden diary of Nicolas which, once opened, carries the nightmares of the past right into the present, putting the lives of both Adam and Emma in a great danger. How come the mysteries from Civil War era seem to be connected to what is happening during the Cold War?
Who was Nicolas, the man who lived in that house more than a hundred years ago?

The Beast Inside offers a gripping new twist on thriller and survival horror genres.
Long-buried secrets, personal tragedies and madness spanning more than a century. Story driven game merging horror and thriller. The Beast Inside seamlessly merges survival horror and thriller, offering gripping new twists in both genres.

Discovering complex semi-open world from first person perspective
Controlling two protagonists in two different time periods
Every item is fully interactive
Interacting with the environment and solving physics-based puzzles
Breaking and deciphering codes, looking for clues in old texts
Hiding and running from a wide range of entities
Or fighting with them, using a revolver and environmental advantages or your wits
Realistic graphics - achieved with the magic of UE4 engine and an extended use of photogrammetry techniques.

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