Live #123 We Talk PRS Guitars And More

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Question Index

0:00 Intro
0:21 Who is Nathan
2:27 How do you think Kiesel does their candy finish?
4:01 The Ben Coombs ( it is pronounced Coo mbs)
6:12 Check out Boscoe France
7:00 The Boaz guitar
10:43 Dave Mustaine told Nathan not to make the metal fist
12:20 Thoughts on the PRS SE line from Cort
18:00 Push pull pots on a ES339
20:50 Thoughts on the PRS Mira and more
24:59 Issue with Jazz Master
27:19 Fixing hairline swirl marks
31:15 What guitars does Nathan have?
32:35 How do I like my Silver Sky?
37:23 What is the oldest guitar I own?
38:23 The time we had all our Gretsch guitars pin striped
41:54 thoughts on Fender tuning machines
44:24 What guitars do I dread working on?
47:41 Why your PRS will not stay in tune
52:28 You can trade guitar parts
54:50 Gear is for the musician not the audience
1:00:00 I do not own my favorite guitar and amp
1:02:55 Can you toss the silica packets in your guitar case?
1:04:26 Should Ryan at 60 Cycle hum buy a MIJ Jaguar?
1:08:28 Thoughts on PRS grave yard guitars
1:12:22 Have I ever been to comic con?
1:16:49 Issue with Tele pick up feeding back
1:20:39 Wet dry or Wet Wet sound?
1:21:38 A big thank you to the Patreons
1:23:35 An announcement about a Josh Scott Q&A
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