Let's TikTalk About It (A History of TikTok)

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Let’s talk about tiktok. TicTok is one of the latest additions to this social media app space, and while it has become more and more popular recently, it may be a little older than you actually think.

Tiktok was released just over 3 years ago in September of 2016.

Like many social media apps, tik Tok kind of flew under the radar until it had acquired enough users to keep the app running steadily. Then, a little over a year ago, it started advertising itself.

When TiKTok started to become better known, many people were… well… skeptical. The app was seen as cringy and Tiktok seemed to carry a lot of the same energy as musically. An app that was famously made fun of and has steadily been losing popularity. Funny enough musically had actually been acquired by Tiktok in late 2017, which may have lead to an overwhelming amount of similarities.

Now a large reason for this negative attitude toward Tiktok may have very well been the way it was advertising itself. Tiktok placed preroll ads on a lot of videos here on YouTube. These ads were simple examples of some of the videos that users had made with their app, but the videos they selected were… interesting… the videos were odd and seemed to miss their mark with the audience.

You see the key for any social media app is for users to create content that others see as relatable. In order to have a functional network of users must look at what others have created on the site. Enjoy that content. And want to make similar content themselves. The videos that Tiktok highlighted in their adds were videos that the majority of people didn’t want to partake in or put the effort into.

However, there’s a saying that goes “all publicity is good publicity” and in the case of tic Tok, this seemed to be true. Many Youtubers had picked up on the app and had started making reaction videos to its content. Pewdiepie being one of the most popular. Now, the app was still seen as cringy during these times and pewdiepe would make multiple jokes about how even he couldn’t believe he was making videos about the app.

Other creators on YouTube started to make similar videos and weather tic Tok knew it at this point or not, this was their biggest blessing. These you tubers were able to show a different side of the app than the company was on their adds. Thes creators were far more used to marketing to their target demographic and were able to show videos that created a bigger response from the audience.

People began to see Tiktok in a new light and started wanting to create content on the sight. Eventually, TikTalk became mainstream and was seen as a valid way to gain a following. The rise or Tiktok lead to the rise of TikTok Stars a substantial rate. The rapid pace at which people are going viral on TikTok begs the question: How easy is it to go viral on Tiktok? But I suppose that's a video for another day.

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