Incredible animalistic footage of a heron eating a huge duck meal with the whole process shown here

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A heron is eating a huge duck meal with the whole process shown here in this incredible animalistic footage. All the recordings of the herons feeding behavior in this video are unedited apart from about a total minute lost in parts due to memory card changes in the camera, but this did not take away from the documented process of how the heron eats large duck meals. This video intends to show how the heron hunts and feeds in the wild to survive and how it manages to consume significant portions of food animalistically. The heron is a species of meat-eating predatory bird that attacks and feeds on other animals they are carnivorous predators; they are a top predator and are exceptional hunters of all kinds of prey and animals that live and breed throughout the world. Herons have an incredible instinct to attack and eat other animals, and this type of feeding behavior has evolved over millions of years to enable them to have an extensive menu of wild protein-rich food. The herons have a very diverse diet of meat from hunting and eating other animals, and they especially like to eat fish and a wide variety of aquatic creatures that live in seawater and freshwater. The heron can be seen actively hunting and eating small mammals and baby birds throughout the cities and wildernesses, and especially when they live and breed in the herons' natural habitats. The herons can be found living and breeding in almost every habitat close to water throughout the world.
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