Horror Movie Scenarios That Became A Disturbing Reality

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People have been copying what they see on the big screen since the beginning of cinema, but when a criminal brings a horror movie to life, it makes the world just a little scarier. The following are horror movie scenarios that became a disturbing reality.

1994's Interview with the Vampire rejuvenated the market for tales of bloodsuckers. It tells the story of Louis, a man from 1790s Louisiana who becomes a vampire, and how his undead life progresses for the next couple hundred years. On the night after viewing the film, a man named Daniel Sterling was said to have told his girlfriend Lisa Stellwagen that he wanted to kill her and drink her blood. He then stabbed her repeatedly and in fact did drink some of her blood. His defense team would go on to claim that the film had, quote, "mesmerized" him. They tried to claim insanity by saying that Sterling had lost his mental faculties after viewing the film and that he thought he was a vampire.

Stellwagen survived, and she was able to testify against Sterling. It turned out that he had been abusive and violent well before the movie, and he was angry that she went out with another man and may have been planning to leave him. The prosecution argued that the reason Sterling drank Stellwagen's blood was most likely so that he could claim insanity when he was inevitably caught. In the end, the jury wasn't convinced by Sterling and found him guilty of attempting to kill Stellwagen.

In the world of The Purge franchise, a malicious government regime takes over the United States and then devises a scheme to rid the country of undesirables: a once-a-year holiday, dubbed "Purge Night," when, for 12 hours, all crime, including murder, is legal and even encouraged. The government claims that this annual venting of aggression is necessary for the country to function, and it accordingly becomes a big deal that people look forward to. The films hit the zeitgeist hard enough such that the concept of Purge Night took hold in America's consciousness as a critique on class inequality and race relations, among other subjects.

Inspired by the concept of the movies, an Indianapolis man named Jonathan Cruz, who was already a career criminal, committed a spree of crimes over several nights in 2016. Between May 12 and 15, he committed three killings, several robberies, an attempted kidnapping, and more. During that time, he sent text messages to friends and told victims that his actions were inspired by the movies. Keep watching the video to see moire horror movie scenarios that became a disturbing reality!


Interview with the Vampire | 0:13
The Purge | 1:11
The Exorcist | 2:28
Queen of the Damned | 3:18
Scream | 4:30
Natural Born Killers | 5:27
Saw | 6:32
Friday the 13th | 7:19
The Collector | 8:23
Warlock | 9:26
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