Clandestine Sheriff's Unit: Downey California. First Amendment

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A subscriber asked me to check out this facility in Downey that had law enforcement vehicles but was on a street surrounded by abandoned and fenced of buildings.

If you have a video of governmental misconduct or intimidation and do not feel comfortable uploading it but want to get the word out. I will be your voice.

This video is intented to raise awareness about the right to record in public. To educate the public and the authorities to the protections and guarantee provided by the Constitution of all people to Free Speech and Freedom of the Press to gather information and to disseminate your opinion and the information you gather, visiting Las Vegas, Nevada and touring the city with our cameras.

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Patreon This video is for educational and training purposes and contains news worthy content meant to educate and inform my subscribers and the average viewer who comes across this video regarding government employees acting in their official capacity

I am an independent journalist who uses my camera to not only share my travels and to practice my free speech. I am an Angeleno native being born in Los Angeles in Southern California. I am Jewish and active I my local synagogue serving on the Board of Directors. This is a real life and unscripted educational documentary about public photographic activity. These videos take place in various cities in California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas. I want to thank all of my subscribers and supporters with out all of you this would be very difficult. I also want to thank Felipe Hemming a friend and an advisor and I want to thank my Attorney Krista Hemming. It has been an honor to be part of both PINAC and Black Coat Media.
Our ultimate goal here is to educate and to make public Photography safe and not a reason for law enforcement to bother someone taking video or pictures. We love the Constitution and want our public officials to honor their oaths

For integrity and honor I publish not only the fails but the passes. I hope that not only do my videos inform you but that they showcase and highlight agencies that are respecting our rights to record and gather information.
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