20 UFO chasing Boeing B 29 Superfortress over the Gulf of Mexico

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seasoned pilots in the U.S. Navy experienced a number of encounters with UFOs during training missions in the U.S. While pilots were mid-flight, their aircraft cameras. and radar detected seemingly impossible objects flying at hypersonic speeds at altitudes up to 30,00 feet (9,144 meters) these mysterious UFOs did so with no visible means of propulsion The New York Times reported on May 26.

none of the pilots suggest that these perplexing UFOs represent an extraterrestrial invasion according to The Times which previously wrote about Navy pilots encountering UFOs in 2004.

six pilots who were stationed on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt between 2014 and 2015 told The Times about spotting UFOs during flights along the southeastern coast of the U.S. extending from Virginia to Florida.

Video of two aerial encounters appears in the series showing clips of UFOs: one tiny white speck and one large dark blob These UFOs later came to be known respectively as "Go Fast" and "Gimbal."

This was not the first time this had happened Something similar happened in 1952 over the Gulf of Mexico with The Boeing B-29. When chased by 20 unknown UFO objects.
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